Thursday, March 5, 2009

Johnnie makes a new friend!

Well cowpokes...I have an excellent adventure to tell y'all about! Actually the adventure started when my pal and author of my books was out to dinner last night. Michelle Bain was out on the town for dinner and ran into a wonderful young cowgirl named Laura who is in first grade and loves to read. They became instant friends because they both love READING! Michelle showed Laura my new animated trailer on her Itouch ipod. Michelle asked Laura if she thought I was cute and she replied "NO...he is triple cute!" Needless to say- now Laura and I are going to be buddies too. I am sending her a set of my books and a plush toy of me so she can learn about all of my adventures. Thanks Laura for your kind review of my animation and declaring my new status..."TRIPLE CUTE!"

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