Saturday, April 25, 2009

Howdy my friends!

Well I have been a traveling fool! It seems as though - since my last johnnie blog- that I have been around the world. My CAST OF CHARACTERS and I have been to LONDON, NICE and CANNES. I got to see Big Ben, the Queen's Place, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the London Bridge and ride on the London Eye! then we got to go to the ocean in the south of France for my favorite...the ANIMATION FESTIVAL, where I got to see all of the other "CHARACTERS" that are trying to make it on TV all across the world like me. I tell you what...we saw a lot of stuff but only a few things I would give "two thumbs up" to! We met a lot of really nice French people, some people from Canada (Hi Patrick and Suzy) and some awesome people from Kidsco in London (our new best friends) and some people who make animation in INDIA and AUSTRALIA! How about that! It is a world wide project to get me my own TV series but we are working on it everyday! Stay tuned to my website where we will post a photo album of my worldwide travels and soon an opportunity for you to send in your pictures so we can see where you travel with my little "mini-me" Johnnie from Build A Bear Workshops! Stay tuned and thanks for keeping up with my adventures...Au revoir! Ciao!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh my - Pardners- I have been busy!

Howdy y'all! Sorry there has been a delay in my bloggin'! I have been a pretty busy little cowboy! We have a new book that is coming out in May and it is all about the Rule of Thumb for Going Green! It will have stickers and activities and teach my friendly readers about REUSING, REDUCING & RECYCLING! is a extra special "thumbs up" to those who follow my blog. Guess what? For a limited time - if you sign up for my FREE FAN CLUB at my website you get one of my classic hardback Thumbs Up Johnnie books for free! Simply go to the website and sign up...then you will get your free book in the mail! That is sure a thumbs up offer to my special fans!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Johnnie makes a new friend!

Well cowpokes...I have an excellent adventure to tell y'all about! Actually the adventure started when my pal and author of my books was out to dinner last night. Michelle Bain was out on the town for dinner and ran into a wonderful young cowgirl named Laura who is in first grade and loves to read. They became instant friends because they both love READING! Michelle showed Laura my new animated trailer on her Itouch ipod. Michelle asked Laura if she thought I was cute and she replied "NO...he is triple cute!" Needless to say- now Laura and I are going to be buddies too. I am sending her a set of my books and a plush toy of me so she can learn about all of my adventures. Thanks Laura for your kind review of my animation and declaring my new status..."TRIPLE CUTE!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Updates on Thumbs Up Johnnie Youtube!

Howdy there Pardners-
Thumbs Up Johnnie here and I have some exciting off the griddle! Our team here at Pixie Stuff Publishing (the publisher of my series of books) is proud to announce "STORY TIME with Michelle Bain & Thumbs Up Johnnie!" This series includes 7-9 minute videos where Michelle reads the books out loud and the pages of my books are animated and with sound effects so the listener can follow along. It is just like story time in a class room or right before bed but it is with Michelle's own added flavor of her voice for my stories. How exciting for one of our kiddos or fans to hear the author reading the story out loud right from their computer FOR FREE!

Simply go to and you will see our new addition! You cansubscribe to our channel (page) to make it easier to see our videos whenever you'd like. Make sure to rate the video and pass it on to your posse as well! Teachers, parents and grandparents alike will enjoy our "STORY TIME videos" as they are educationaland fun!
Just so you know- even though I am a cowboy...I consider myself on the cuttin' edge of technology! So now I have my own blog...follow my everyday adventures in Happy or creatin' a book with Michelle Bain & Lorenzo Lizana! It is sure to be a fun and creative ride! Check it our at !

Hats off to ya-
Thumbs Up Johnnie

Monday, March 2, 2009

Back at Pixie Stuff...

Howdy everyone...
Is anyone out there? Just givin' a shout out to my Johnnie fans who always give me two thumbs up! Well I am back at the creative mecca -Pixie Stuff Publishing (who publishes my series) office today helping Lorenzo (my illustrator) and Michelle cook up another exciting adventure! Looks like our next adventure is gonna be on GOING GREEN! In fact it is called RULES OF THUMB FOR GOING GREEN! We are so excited for it's will have stickers, coloring pages and even fun trading cards for our GREEN readers!
Keep smilin' and have a thumbs up day-
Thumbs Up Johnnie

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday from Lillian Pinky & Johnnie!

Hi there everyone...I have had such a wonderful weekend celebrating some good ole birthdays with friends of mine. L'il Pinky and I baked a red velvet cake for our favorite author's bday (Michelle Bain) this weekend and Buddy gave her a spirited horseback ride. Our whole posse is very excited about our new developments on our website.... that are coming up in the next week and also being in the modern age and having the help of our techie goddess- Adrienne Cornelsen CEO of Insite Interactive to bring me into this century's benefits of technology -for example she is helping us"blog and twitter!" (sounds like a line dance I used to do...) We are also really excited about the fun new stuff that we are positing on Youtube in the next week..."Story time with Michelle Bain" reading all of the fun adventures and animating the illustrated pages. FUN, FUN, FUN and a great educational tool! Stay tuned and you will get all of the new developments here- hot off the griddle!
Take care & Thumbs Up-

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yippee I am a bloggin' fool!

Hi there everyone-
I am now officially a blogzealot... boy my thumbs are gonna be tired. Hunt and peck, hunt and peck! Hope we have alot of johnnie blog followers.

Check me out in my new flashy cartoon!

howdy y'all-
check out my new animated cartoon...i look pretty cute. check it out- only 45 seconds long and even includes a "bollywood"-like dance sequence.

Welcome to Thumbs Up Johnnie blog!

Hi there everyone...even though I might be a bit old fashioned I still consider myself a very CURRENT cowboy. That is why I have decided to start blogging. Yippee! So stay tuned for my latest adventures. I am so excited to share with y'all my fun daily activities like flipping flapjacks, riding Buddy to meeting with my current investors. Take care and have a thumbs up day!