Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ridin' the Storm Out!

Batten down the hatches! After Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast recently, I got to thinkin' about storms and being prepared to deal with them. Most parts of the country are prone to getting some kinds of bad weather. Along the coasts it's hurricanes and tropical storms. In the Midwest we sometimes get tornadoes and dust storms. Thunderstorms, lightening strikes and severe winds can hit just about anywhere. Here are some safety tips for getting yourself ready and safe for a storm.

Parents should always stay calm. Show your kids that storms are natural and nothing to get spooked about. Let them see that you've got the situation under control.

Get a special "Safe Room" ready to retreat in your home should a thunderstorm or tornado be announced. An area of the basement is best, if you have one. Make sure it's big enough for your best horse friend, if you have one. Stock your Safe Room with batteries and a battery-operated radio, flashlights, and maybe a lantern and a small table with some books. You can ride out the bad weather by doing homework or reading or even playing cards.

Let your kiddos know they're safe, as you monitor the weather situation. A cell phone can connect you to other family members so you can make sure they're safe too.

Remember: storms can be very serious and dangerous. Listen to parents or other adults in times of bad weather and take shelter away from windows.

Talk to your parents about setting up a Safe Room to have ready in case of storms. Clean up an area, gather some batteries, flashlights, a small table and some books or games and set up your own Safe Room for your family. You'll be able to keep busy as you ride the storm out!

Check out this cool website to learn more about storms and emergency preparedness!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eat Healthy. Feel Healthy. Be Healthy!

You know, down here at the Long Horn Diner in Happy, Texas, we have a lot to choose from on our breakfast menu. Some of the food is super healthy and good for you. Some of it tastes mighty delicious but isn't exactly the best thing for your body. I like to tell my customers, "Too little of this and too much of that, can make you feel funky and flunky and flat!" Just remember, breakfast shouldn't always be fattening and unhealthy things like donuts and sugary cereal and pastries. Try some fruit! Any fruit goes well with breakfast! Whole wheat toast, milk, juice, eggs and cheese are healthy, tasty choices. And don't forget that a good breakfast gives you the energy you need to get your giddyup going so you can make it through school or work or a day on the ball field!

"Too little of this and too much of that, can make you feel funky and flunky and flat!"
Hmmm. I should put that to music and write a song! Where's my guitar?

Have a picnic in your own backyard this weekend. While the weather's still nice and warm, pack up a basket of your favorite healthy lunch foods and spread out a blanket on the grass. Invite your friends or your brothers and sisters. Try a healthy new food you've never tried before and ask your friends what their favorites are. Eat up and enjoy the great outdoors!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Howdy! I'm Back!

Wow! It's been a while since I posted! I've been one busy cowpoke! Lotsa new adventures on the way! This new blog is guaranteed to be both rootin' and tootin'! Imagine this humble flapjack flipper writing you his thoughts and ideas on all sorts of interesting stuff! That's what I intend to do right here. I hope you find it fun and helpful. Just so you know, I'm also gonna be launching a new Facebook page and a Twitter account and even a monthly newsletter to keep you in the know about all the spur-janglin' activities I'm involved in, like new books and videos and public appearances with my writer friend Michelle Bain. So don't miss out on the fun! Sign up and keep up with me and the whole gang and let me know what you think!

It's my blog. That there's a funny word. Blog.Sounds like a bullfrog with a glob of molasses stuck in its croaker! BLOGGG!