Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party Fun

Halloween is Monday! If your mom or dad need some really fun ideas for party games this weekend, take a look at some of my favorites here!

Supplies needed: 3 small pumpkins, 10 empty two-liter soda bottles.
Instructions: Arrange soda bottles like bowling pins and have kids stand at least 10 feet away and bowl the pumpkins. The kid who knocks down the most bottles wins!

Supplies needed: Large bag of plastic spiders or spider rings.
Instructions: Before the party starts, hide the spiders throughout the party area. The player or team who finds the most spiders by the end of the party wins a prize.

Supplies needed: A CD player and Halloween songs CD, plenty of space.
Instructions: Players dance and walk like zombies to the Halloween song, but when the music stops abruptly, they must too. Any player who moves or falls when the music has stopped is out for the round. Last zombie standing is the winner.

Supplies needed: Candy corn, two plastic jack-o-lanterns or pumpkins.
Instructions: Like horseshoes, teams of two toss pieces of candy corn into pumpkins placed 10-12 feet away. The team with the most candy corn in the pumpkins wins. Be sure to throw this candy away after the game and not eat it!

Remember to have a happy, fun and SAFE Halloween! Write to me and let me know what you dress up as and what games you played!

Make a Goofy Graveyard! Cut out tombstones from construction paper and write silly, creepy names on them. Here are some ideas:

- Ima Goner
- Will B. Back
- R. U. Next
- Justin Tyme
- C. U. Again
- Frank N. Stein
- I. M. Alive
- Barry M. Deep

Color your tombstones with crayons and decorate your party or room. It's also fun to put them on sticks and place them on your front lawn for trick-or-treaters to see. Have fun!

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