Friday, November 4, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs!

My friend Miss Tiptop teaches kiddos at the Happy School lots of good stuff. She knows a lot about a lot of subjects! Recently she taught my nephew Little Digit and his best friend Zipp Handy about sign language. Sign language is a great way for people with hearing trouble to communicate.

The sign language alphabet is a series of hand signals. You spell out letters using your hands. For people who can't hear, signing can take the place of your voice! In my book, Zipp, Little Digit & the Happy Signs!, you can learn about different signs and ways to communicate.

Learn some simple sign language words this weekend. Sign the word HELLO...

Sign the word FRIEND...

Look at the chart below and learn to sign your first name. Then show your family and teach them how to sign their names.

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