Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas Traditions

It's a ho-ho-hoedown on the range in the town of Happy! How do you celebrate Christmas and the season's holidays with your family and friends?

Here in Happy, we have lots of traditions. Traditions are things you do each year, like going to Grandma's for Christmas dinner or dropping off a toy for a needy kiddo. I'll tell you some of my traditions:

On Christmas Eve we build a big bonfire in the clearing behind the barn and set bales of hay for folks to sit on. Just about the whole town turns out: Banker Bill, Dime Store Sam, Hi-Five Handy, Little Digit, Buddy, Zipp Handy, everyone! And of course L'il Pinky brings hot chocolate and a basked load of her famous cookies and cupcakes. I play my guitar and we all sing Christmas carols and take turns telling stories about our favorite Christmas memories.

After a while the little ones start to doze off and their parents carry 'em home and put 'em to bed to await the arrival of Santa Claus.

We spend Christmas morning with our families, opening presents before heading over to the Long Horn Diner where I whip up a Christmas dinner for anyone who wants to join us.

What are your holiday traditions? Whatever they are, I hope they're filled with love and laughter and the magic of the season!

Virtual Christmas Caroling! You might not be able to gather your friends and family to go out caroling in your neighborhood, so why not do it from home? If you have a video camera or a webcam on your computer, record yourself singing your favorite Christmas songs. Then upload the video file and send it to your relatives! They'll get a kick out of seeing you sing on their computer! If you don't have a video camera, call up your grandma or grandpa and sing to them over the phone!

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