Monday, September 12, 2011

Anatomy of a "Buddy": Horses from Head to Hoof!

Howdy, partners! Most of you know that Buddy is one of my very best friends. As a horse, he likes to run through the pasture, eat hay, alfalfa, apples and carrots, be brushed and of course have his ears scratched! You know, just like you, Buddy has a lot of different parts that make up what he is. Do you know what the parts of a horse are called?

Muzzle: The front end of a horse containing his mouth and nostrils

Forehead: The area between the horse's eyes

Forelock: The hair between the ears that falls onto the horse's forehead

Mane: The hair on the back of the horse's neck

Back: Where you put the saddle!

Barrel: The large underneath part, or belly, of a horse

Dock: The very top of the tail

Tail: The part that swishes flies

Hocks: The joint on a horse's back legs that's like an elbow

Fetlock: The ankle

Hoof: A horse's hard foot

Write or think up your own story with you and Buddy the horse! Maybe you’re performing in a rodeo or taking a trip. What fun things do you and Buddy see and do in that town? Who goes with you on your adventure and who do you meet when you get there? Draw pictures of you and Buddy to go along with your adventure. When you’re finished with your story, read it to you friends and family and show them the pictures.

Have fun horsin’ around!

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