Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick on the Draw

Have you ever heard of the artist Pablo Picasso? Next month, on October 25th, it will be the 130th anniversary of his birth. Pablo started drawing as a kid and never stopped, becoming one of the world's most famous painters and artists.

It's always best to ask an adult permission and where the best place is to create your art! There are so many ways to create art. Here are a few ideas for bringing out the artist in you:
* Drawing
* Painting
* Sculpture (molding or carving clay)
* Wood carving
* Calligraphy (fancy handwriting and lettering)
* Photography

Drawing is fun and perfect for any age, whether you're four or 140! Here are some things you can draw with:
* Pencils & colored pencils
* Pens & markers
* Crayons
* Charcoal pencils
* Chalks
* Paints

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a famous artist? Think about it. Would people go to museums and galleries to look at your work? Would people want to hang your art in their home?

It's never too early to start your artistic adventure!

Hey, all you little Picassos! I hope you like to draw because I've got a fun assignment for you! I need you to lasso up your pencils, crayons and markers and draw me, Thumbs Up Johnnie! When you're finished, get a grown up to scan your drawing and email it here:

Be sure to include:
* Your name
* Your age
* Your hometown

I'll post your artwork in upcoming Thumbs Up Johnnie newsletters and on our Facebook page!

Now, it's back to the old drawing board for you! Good luck!

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