Friday, September 9, 2011

A Special Day to Say "Thanks, America. We Love You!"

This weekend is a special weekend for America... it is a time to reflect on why we love our country, thank the people that serve in the military who protect our freedoms and to remember people who may not be with us any longer. Buddy and me are going to show how much we love our country by saying a prayer for the people that were affected on September 11th, many years ago. I think we will sing "America the Beautiful" and say the pledge of allegiance out loud and really think about what the words mean.

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Did you know that Sunday, September 11th is Grandparents' Day? If you know or have a grandma or grandpa, make them a card with special hand-drawn thoughts and pictures from you. If you're able to see them this weekend, give them the cards and wish them a Happy Grandparents' Day. If you can't see them, ask a family member if you can call your grandma or grandpa and talk to them. Let them know you're thinking about them. Here's a list of questions you can ask them that would be interesting to know:

* When you were a kid, what were you like?
* When you were little did you have
a nickname?
* What did you like to do when you were
my age?
* What were your favorite games and
sports to play as a kid?
* What did you want to be when you
grew up?

Be sure to tell them how special they are to you, and that you hope they have a special day!

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