Friday, November 25, 2011

These Boots Were Made for... Me!

A cowboy without a good pair of boots is like a sailor with no ship, like a baseball player with no glove, like a saxophonist with no saxophone …well, you get the idea. Boots are an important part of any respectable cowboy.

My boots came from M.L. Leddy’s in Fort Worth, Texas. They’re legends in the handmade boot and saddle biz. They also make clothes, belts, buckles and a bunch more, and have been doing it since 1922.

In my book Johnnie’s Missing Boot!, I got to meet Wilson Franklin, the owner of M.L. Leddy’s. He’s the grandson of the real M.L. Leddy, and he helped me pick out the boots that were just right for me. I wear ‘em everyday!

If you want to learn more about M.L. Leddy’s boots and the history of their business, visit their web site:

Time for boots to be moseyin’ on down the road!

My boots have a big star and a cactus and a horseshoe on them. Here’s your chance to design your own pair of fancy boots. Have your mom or dad help you print out this sheet below, then draw things that are important to you on them and color them.

When you’re all finished, scan the picture and send it to my special helper Michelle at, so I can share them with my other friends here and on my Facebook page! Don’t forget to sign your name and write your age.

Visit the link to download and print your boots to design!
Cowboy Boots!

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